The voice that will not go unheard

Kayla Harvey, Copy Editor

In Michigan, there are currently four counties who use gas chambers as a means of euthanizing animals, one of which is abolishing this method whether or not the bill making this illegal gets approved in the House. Many of Michigan’s shelters have the option, but do not use this method at this time. These animal gas chambers can take up to 25-30 minutes to end an animal’s life, and may not always be effective. It also causes extreme distress and suffering to the animals compared to a shot that could be used to put an animal down within minutes shutting the brain down before the vital organs, making death less painful and quicker. Gas chambers using carbon monoxide shut down vital organs first, and causes panic within the euthanizing chambers which may contain more than one animal. More than 20 states still use gas chambers; Michigan is one who has a bill in play to make these chambers illegal. Senator Rick Jones introduced bill 354 in the Senate in the attempt to make the use of gas chambers in Michigan illegal. The bill was passed unanimously 37-0, and will be up for consideration next in the House, but not before Roseville made its impact.

RHS Senior Rylee Brinley has made a stand for the animals that have no choice but to be inhumanly killed, legally. Brinley has started a petition which can still be electronically signed at, and could use every name that finds the use of these chambers unjustifiable.

            “I plan on taking this as far as getting this bill passed. Hopefully other states will see and realize it is inhumane to kill these poor animals in this way. I just want to make a change, and speak out for those animals that can’t take a stand” Brinley said.

And that is exactly what happened. On April 21, Brinley received an email from the office of Senator Steve Bieda asking to speak with about the legislation. On April 22, Brinley spoke with the Senators office and was told how the bill will be put before the house again for consideration, and all that can be done is wait and see what the House does with the bill, but many are hoping they will pass the bill to make the use of gas chambers in euthanizing animals illegal.

            “If it doesn’t pass, I will keep trying. It’s time someone makes a change, and I guess it’s my turn to do it” Brinley said.

Roseville, you have the opportunity to make a difference everywhere you go, and you should. We have the power to make positive change and we should use that power to end the suffering now.