My New York state of mind

Julianna Tribu, Copy Editor

From April 24-26 the RHS band students embarked on the streets of New York. After about a 12 hour drive, the band finally arrived. We went to our hotel in New Jersey, the Hampton Inn Newark Riverwalk, to freshen up and get ready for the day ahead. We headed to NBC Studios, to stand outside the Today show. We made posters and some people from our group made it on TV. We then went to the Top of the Rock, which is on top of the Rockefeller center. We were 850 feet up in the air. From up there you could see so much of New York. Central Park looked so beautiful and big. Next, we went on a tour of Radio City Music Hall, which can seat about 600 people.

Times Square was huge and very packed. Everyone is trying to get somewhere but no one is moving. People are also very rude in New York if they do not get to where they are going. That night, we had dinner at Dave and Busters. The next day we went to Central Park where we could roam around with our groups. Our group actually got lost trying to find a place to eat, the maps in the park are confusing. We ran to the bus and went to the USS Intrepid. The USS Intrepid is this big boat that held all the planes on it and you could explore inside of it. We performed there and everyone said we did really good. We got to explore the boat after and let me tell you, that boat is huge.

We then got back on the bus to take an on sight movie tour. A tour guide took us around and showed us places where movies and TV shows were filmed in New York. Some of them were Gossip Girl, Spider-man, Ghostbusters and Friends. We got to see Rachel and Monica’s apartment building; it looks bigger in the show. That night we saw the Broadway production of Chicago. It was very entertaining and some of those girls can dance and are really flexible for their age.

On the last day we got on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

 “The ferry ride was my favorite because you could see everything from the water and its just pretty. Also going to Times Square,” freshman Sara Cornett said.

We went to Broadway street to see Wall Street and the 9/11 memorial museum. After seeing the museum, it made me value my life even more than I do now. The memorial with all the names on it was beautiful. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge and got to walk on it. On the bridge, there were locks on it. Just like the Locks of Love Bridge. We took the subway to Chinatown and Little Italy. Chinatown was kind of scary with all the Japanese people trying to sell you fake purses and watches. We ate dinner at the Garage in Soho; it had a live jazz band that played amazing music.

 “Seeing Wall St. and The New York Stock Exchange was cool because I want to be involved in business when I get older, so it was nice to see places that paved the way for that industry. Also the ladies, cannot forget the ladies,” junior Elijah Davis said.

The New York trip has been my favorite trip we have done. The city is absolutely beautiful once you get passed the creepy guys in the elmo/olaf costumes and the half naked girls. I want to go back and explore New York for myself, but until then this experience was enough. Thank you, Mr. Chesher.