How low will they go?


Callyn Young

Gas prices continue to fluctuate this time of year.

Callyn Young, Staff Reporter

The price of a gallon of gas is at the lowest its been in years. The low gas prices have been affecting some people’s moods for the better. As enjoyable as the prices are, many are wondering why? The answer is simple: supply and demand. United States domestic production has doubled over the last six years. According to the Federal Energy Information Administration, the national average is expected to drop 23 percent in 2015 to $2.60 per gallon. Saudi Arabia, Nigerian, and Algerian oil are now suddenly competing for Asian markets so producers are forced to drop prices. For the demand portion, Europe and other developing countries economies are weakening as vehicles are becoming more energy-efficient so demand for fuel is lagging. America is also producing more oil than Saudi Arabia, which is also why the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is lowering their gas prices. They want no competition, which is the reasoning for lower prices. Union steelworkers at Mufreesboro-based Huddleston Oil recently went on strike for higher pay. Prices have went up anywhere from ten to fifteen cents.

“I don’t think prices will go up anytime in the near future. OPEC is still trying to put the United States oil companies out of business,” history teacher Michael Sharp said.

“I think the gas prices are alright because they went down. My dad is really happy about it. He’s been in a way better mood ever since they went down so I’m not complaining,” junior Jared Osentoski said.

A lot of students here at RHS have their license. Some have jobs and some may not. Those that do have jobs might have found it hard to go out and do stuff, other than school and going to work, these recent years. Students can only work so many hours and may have not have made enough to have been able to do other things such as going to the movies or shopping while paying for such high gas prices.

“I’m happy about the gas prices but I have a bad feeling they might end up being high again soon. Ever since they’ve went down I’ve had extra cash to go shopping and to actually go places besides work and school,” senior Ashley Watts said.