SADD Chili cook-off results

Stephen Moore, Web Design Editor


  • 1st Place: Brittany Baldes and Bryanna Rahn
  • 2nd Place: History teacher, David Clulo
  • 3rd Place: Security officer, Tom Guswiler
  • Spectator’s choice: Guswiler


Other participants:

  • Sara Bricolas (Huron Park Elementary)
  • Sue Dzieciolowski (RHS teacher)
  • RHS Hospitality management class
  • RHS Senior art seminar class
  • Mike Eineichner (RCS custodian)
  • RHS Book club (sponsored by RHS teacher Joanne Trembath)

I was very happy by the amount of student participation in student entries. The compettion was fierce; congrats to the winners.

— parapro Tom Guswiler