Scrooge puts ghosts on trial

Kathryn Potbury is tired of Josh Rolder and Justin Blackford fighting and sends Maddie Kurtz to handle it.

Karli Obriecht, Layout/Page Editor


He’s a person that is known for loving money and hating christmas.

The auditorium lights began to fade and the stage lit up. The jury scampered to their seats. Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and Jacob Marley’s lawyer, Rothschild, walked into the court room with a smile on his face. Everyone’s eyes gazed towards the door and stared at someone walking in the room. It’s an old beast that is cranky, roars, and is not at the zoo. This animal is not in a cage but should be. Its name is Ebenezer Scrooge and he’s a person known for loving money and hating Christmas.

“All rise for the honorable Judge Pearson,” The bailiff, played by sophomore Madison Kurtz, said. Once everyone sat the debate was on. Opening speeches were given. Rothschild, played by senior Justin Blackford, gave a compelling argument. Scrooge, played by a convincing Joshua Rolder, dropped his papers and only muttered his most famous words: Bah Humbug. Witnesses were called to the stand left and right. Objection, sustained, and overruled were yelled a crossed the floor many times during the event. Scrooge’s nephew Fred, played by a cheery Noah Haderer, was called to the stand. He claimed he went to Scrooge’s house every Christmas Eve for ten years to invite him to a Christmas party. Scrooge rejected the invitation every year. Supposedly, Fred had his Christmas spirit year round, but only visited his uncle ten times in ten years. So the question is, why didn’t he visit more often if he always had his spirit? Scrooge’s sister, Fan, played by Abi Preston, spoke about Scrooges childhood Christmases on the stand. He was not allowed home for Christmas for 11 years. Is this why this old man hates Christmas?

Scrooge continued to apply the accusation that the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future kidnapped and murdered him and Rothschild defended them to the end.  Past, Future, and Jacob Marley all gave their side of the story and Scrooge’s evidence was brought on the floor: his cold dead body. Judge Pearson, played by Katie Potbury, demanded Scrooge rip back the sheet and reveal the evidence. Scrooge couldn’t face his fear to do it. The judge had her bailiff rip back the sheet to reveal Marley. Marley, played by a sneaky Zack Mroz, made the other ghosts break the rules by faking Scrooge’s future. Scrooge faked being mean the entire court event and being the nice man he onow is, decided to drop all charges if the ghosts agreed to work all year long instead of  just one night. Scrooge also demanded money to fund a charity for the homeless. In the end, the ghosts kept their promise and moved onto their next subject: Judge Pearson.

The Drama Society put on an amazing winter production of “The trial of Ebenezer Scrooge.” The drama on stage was funny and intense between the characters. “It was my first time ever doing a play and I thought, why not try out for a main role and get my hopes up. It was a surprise I got Scrooge. I really enjoyed the play and all the people that are in the play and I hope to see them all within the next play cause I’m really excited for it,” Rolder said when asked what was his favorite part about the play.

The ending of the play is something you’d never see coming. It’s a very shocking ending because you would never suspect Scrooge to drop the charges and express his Christmas spirit.

“I didn’t suspect the ending at all. I saw the movie version of it and I thought it was a good twist,” junior A’Mari Traylor said.

Overall, it was an amazing play and I am looking forward to the next production produced by The Drama Society.