Classroom before court


Hope Greve, Editor-in-chief

Winter sports are here, but the boys’ basketball team will not be decking in the halls this season. Under the contract that each student signed, along with their parents, the boys have to get to class on time, maintain a decent GPA, and dress accordingly on game day.

Varsity boys basketball coach Sean Hansen developed this contract for the first time in 20 years of coaching. He believes this contract will motivate students on the team to get to class. He hopes that students can maintain succeeding in the classroom, as well as on the court.

“You guys have to understand that playing basketball, or any sport, is a privilege. A lot of students think it is a right,” Hansen said.

Under this signed contract, the members are expected to be to class on time. If not they will have to sit on the bench in upcoming scrimmages or games.

For instance, one tardy will get a student on the bench for eight minutes, which in basketball is one quarter. An extended tardy (being late ten minutes or more to class) will result in sitting on the bench for half the game. On top of attendance, the dress code must be followed as well. “Game Day” attire must be worn, or students will sit the entire game.

“I believe that it will help me stay out of trouble, get to class on time and keep good grades,” power forward Abdono Berry said.

Hansen says he will be checking the team’s attendance weekly once games get started. He will then proceed to punish the team accordingly.

When asked about the contract, the players agreed it would motivate them to get to class.

“Basketball would be on my mind while I’m going to class or about to do something that would cause trouble. I know if I don’t do right, I won’t be able to play,” Berry said.