Balancing Act: work or school?


Callyn Young

Junior Brendan Shiemke demonstrates how many students must balance their homework and after-school jobs.

Callyn Young, Staff Reporter

A refuting question of high schoolers today, is whether or not to get a job. Getting one is a big step into adulthood and is a lot of responsibility, which can be very nerve-racking but can prepare you for the working world. Not all students are capable of balancing the two. It can interfere with grades and after school activities. Studies at the Bureau of Labor Statistics have found that students who have jobs while in high school spend 49 minutes less on homework on the days worked. Nearly four out of five U.S. students have a part time job while in high school. For some teenagers, getting a job is not a choice, but a necessity. School alone can be pretty stressful, so before getting a job, plan ahead. Talk to a counselor or parent about working and how to balance it with school.

Senior Ashley Watts has worked at Jets Pizza for three months. “I have to balance school, cheer and working. It can be very stressful sometimes, but I manage to get through it. The hardest thing for me is making time for homework,” Watts said.

There are many pros and cons of having a job while being in school. Balancing the two has its downfalls, but there can be more pros than cons. Having a job forces students to keep track of their schedules and be more organized, which can be a good thing. This will prepare students for their future jobs, help build skills and teach some life lessons. Working takes up a lot of time, and busy teenagers do not usually get in trouble. Getting a job can be a hassle, but a great opportunity. It also offers something that everyone wants: money. Having a job comes with responsibility and should be approached with caution.

Junior Brendan Shiemke has worked at The Roseville Recreational Center for ten months now.

“It’s easy to balance school and work at the Rec. Center People that are higher up are very laid back about working around my schedule, so I always have time to do homework and after school activities,” Shiemke said.