Senior year expenses add up

One of the most important purchases seniors have to make is the cap and gown.

Julianna Tribu, Copy Editor

Senior year is the most expensive year in all of high school. When you are a senior, you want to try and get involved in everything because your high school life is coming to an end. Juniors cannot even fathom the expenses of their next year.

“Senior year is so expensive. There are senior pictures, senior sweats, cap and gown, class rings, varsity jackets, college application fees, and a million other things to break my wallet,” senior Katie Potbury said.

Not only do all of these expenses hurt the seniors, but their  parents too. Not all parents want to pay for all of those

previously listed items, but most seniors want them, so they pay for themselves.

“It is only October and I have spent

around $400 on senior pictures and homecoming. It is crazy that my mom has spent that much when I still have a lot more to get, like my yearbook, senior sweats, cap and gown, and prom,” senior Abigail Cleaves said.

The only good thing about everything you have to buy senior year, is that the splurges are spread out. In the beginning of the year, you have to buy your yearbook, homecoming items, and depending on when you take them, your senior pictures. Sweats, cap and gown, and prom items are all towards the end of the year. It is better that you are not paying for all of these items at once.

Even though senior year is expensive, it is still considered by many to be the best year of high school. Many get involved in so much because they will be leaving soon and will not have these experiences anymore. The best advice: spend wisely and have a memorable senior year.