RHS then vs. now


Blake teachers her freshmen English class the same way she did ten years ago

Alana Carl, Staff Reporter

Admit it, when you think of 10 years ago, you are picturing the 90’s. By it being close to 2015, ten years ago would be about 2005.  Let’s face it, RHS rarely loses families and it always seems as if teachers are always telling you stories about your relatives.  I guess Roseville High School is just too great to be left behind.

The Roseville High School that we all know and love was once called Carl Brablec High School was built in 1963.  If you ever wondered what little things were different about RHS outside of old tales, then get in the time machine and let’s make a quick stop to 2005 to discover what two teachers remember about the magical year of 2004.

Carolyn Zekind-Weed has been teaching here since 2002.  Nearly 10 years ago Zekind-Weed remembers how the school was not nearly as big and the struggle of teachers sharing classrooms.  The fancy new gadgets that we are accustomed to weren’t here, except for the TVs and computers (hopefully not the same ones).  The summers were also memorable because of the lack of air conditioning.

“The best change in the school has been the AC units.” Zekind-Weed said.      Adra Davis- Blake has been here since 2003 and if you have ever taken her class, you most definitely know because of her habit of telling people how she had their cousins, sisters, aunts, and uncles in her class.  When asked about the students and the rumor that somehow we have gotten worse, she was quick to debunk that theory.

“Kids are kids.”

She actually went on to praise her underclassmen students.    According to her, the ninth graders are more apt to speak their mind about things they don’t understand, and the tenth graders are abnormally nice, so nice that it actually scares her.  She adds that her tenth grade classes will probably be really successful because of how self-motivated they are.  When asked about change specifically,

“Change is not bad; you have to embrace change. If you don’t then you become obsolete.”  Blake said.

Unfortunately, RHS in 2005 was without freshmen. Imagine a life without them?  Certainly not a life I would want to live.  It is such a good thing that in 2010 people finally realized what a gaping hole was missing in RHS life.

When we go about our day, we rarely take time and notice the changes in life. Everything changes, eitherfor betteror worse. Change is great and it is really amazing how things can undergo changes and still be the same. Even if some things changes over the years at RHS, it still is has the sprit of RHS, and really that is all that matters.