ISIS Crisis

Taylor Campbell, Copy Editor

Few Americans had heard of the ISIS situation until June of this year when the Sunni jihadist group seized Mosul Dam, Iraq’s main power source.  ISIS emerged nearly a decade ago as a small affiliate of Al Qaeda. ISIS specializes in guerilla warfare as well as assaulting cities and villages with overwhelming power. The well-funded organization has beheaded American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloft. Along with Floey, ISIS is being held responsible for the attack of hundreds of British volunteers, Americans, and European travelers on Iraqi soil. The beginning of President Barack Obama’s plan of attack was to destroy key ISIS targets. Due to the pressure of Congress and division, based out of Fort Riley, Kansas, to Iraq. This division will be the first official “pair of boots” on the ground.

The Kurds and the Peshmerga are allies of the United States and the Iraq army. They are the main fighting force responsible for defending Iraq and regaining previously lost ground and strongholds. ISIS is currently battling Kurdish fighters for the Syrian border. The Kurdish are trying to defend the vital Syrian city of Kobani. The U.S. fired a total of 13 air strikes: five near Kobani, four elsewhere in Syria, and four in Iraq. The battle against terrorism rages on.