2023 Roseville Marching Panther Student Leaders


Jillian Wayne, Staff Reporter

On Saturday June 3, band teacher and director Daniel Chesher posted the list for the 2023 marching season student leaders. The senior drum major this year is Junior Sorin McGrath. “It’s a lot of pressure. Of course, I don’t regret singing up for it, but I’m worried I won’t be able to fill the shoes of the drum majors before me,” McGrath said. The assistant drum major and Alto section leader is sophomore Nhevan Canete. “I’m looking forward to see our show come together this year and to see all of the members get closer to one another,” Canete said. McGrath will be leading the band and Canete will be assisting McGrath with conducting when needed.

There are many other student leaders that strive to work hard and be there for their section like the auxiliary sections color guard and drum line. The color guard captain is sophomore Jillian Wayne. “I will always try to be there for my section when they need me and be a leader inside and out or practice,” Wayne said. Color guard is the visuals of the band using colored silks and various sized polls. The drum line section leader is junior Howard White Jr. “So far I think the season is going pretty well,” White said. You can hear drum line a mile away with their cadences during parades.

Other sections consist of wind instruments. Flute section leader is Junior Bethany Leonard. “I’m really excited to see all the growth within everyone and for all the fun new music/ challenges we will be facing and being able to get them as a team, and just for all the fun,” Leonard said. Freshman Leilani Duhaylonsod holds the clarinet section leader title. “I’m so excited for my section because a lot of them are new and I can’t wait for them to have as much fun as I’ve had in marching band,” Duhaylonsod said. Alongside his sister, Trumpet section leader is sophomore Daniel Duhaylonsod. “I think this year has potential. Everyone seems to be really motivated and into it already and with a slightly bigger band and many more new players, we really have potential this year,” Daniel Duhaylonsod said. Bass line section leader is freshman Justine Brun.  “It’s amazing being able to involve myself more with marching band. You get to interact with people more and set an example for the people coming up into marching band. It’s overall an amazing position,” Brun said. In bass line the instruments consist of baritone saxophone and sousaphone.  Japorscha Whitman is the tenor reeds and brass section leader. “I genuinely see my section experiencing a lot of musical progress,” Whitman said. This holds baritones, trombones, and tenor saxophones. In the pit section, is Sydney Snyder. “It’s only my second year and I’m scared to disappoint everyone cause last year I was kind of lazy,” Snyder said.

These section leaders are ready to strive and put a lot of hard effort into the Roseville halftime field show, the theme this year being Back to the Beach: A Love Story. Good luck to our marching Panthers and leaders!