2023 Prom review

Paige Guinn and Andalee White

There’s a lot of things to look forward to during senior year. There’s homecoming, senior sunrise and sunset, senior week, graduation, and everyone’s favorite: prom.  

Prom 2023 was a night to remember. This year’s theme was Enchanted Forest, and it was hosted at a beautiful venue, The Vintage House. The venue was decorated with green balloons. Attendees were treated to a candlelit, buffet-style dinner. There were tons of seating and extra space. Tables were decorated with blush roses and baby’s-breath flowers. There were outside seating arrangements for a good photo-op, or if you wanted to cool off after dancing.  

Although the food and the music weren’t as good as anticipated, students still made the most of the night. “I didn’t know Roseville could get hype like that,” senior Anthony Wekwert said. 

Seniors definitely dressed to impress. Some of our favorite girls were…  

Shaniya Thomas  

TaKye Walker 

Madison Collins 

And Kandace Stackpoole 

Some of the favorite boys were… 

Jordan Goodwin 

Julian Ford 

Zacarias Osorio 

 And Myckel Martez 

Some honorable mentions were… 

Favorite Couple:

Heaven Ivey and Amare Snowden 

Hottest Rides: Danny Williams drove an Audi A6 and Shawn Long rode in a Cadillac Escalade. 

Life of The Party: Semaj James, Makhi Brand, Chauncey Gardner, and Shawn Long 

Best Group Dynamic: Nathan Donaldson, (Cheyenne Dunlap), Frederick Duhaylonsod, Parker Kinsora, Austin Barnett, Paige Tomala, Mackenzie Hubbard, Katelynn Miller, (Daniel Duhaylonsod), Julia Puckett, and (Trenton Buckbee). This group pulled up in style in a Rolls Royce Limousine.  

This next group brought the party: Brian Hunter, Jaden Morgan, Aaniya Jordan, Semaj James, Tre Eilers, Micheal Procida, Anthony Wekwert, Kyl Penn, Shawn Long, Eric Huff, and Shauntez Philips.  

Photo credits to junior Howard White. You can see more of his photography on Instagram @dreamflics. 

Prom was a great way to finish off senior year. Everyone that attended made a lot of great memories, took a lot of pictures, and most importantly, had a good time.