Lunch Rush


Culinary students in third and fourth hour are preparing lunches for teachers, staff, and students who order during the week, with various lunch options.

Shawn Thompson, the culinary teacher, runs this business. “It feels nice to supply good quality food to teachers, staff, and students who order. The students put a lot of effort into the food and prep time.” Thompson said.

Senior Jim Vang is one of the students who help in the kitchen. He mostly runs the food to the teachers. “I’m able to express my skill differently, it’s not rushed and it’s fun and easy to work with.” Vang said.

Senior Cardale Patterson is another one of the students who helps in the kitchen. He mainly preps and cooks the food. “It’s better because we have an experienced teacher in the class and it’s worth being in this class. I have a way to express my skills.” Patterson said.

You can order Monday through Thursday and get it on the coming Friday. Happy ordering, Roseville!