Mother’s Day


Paris J'Nae, Staff Reporter

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Go tell mom you love her. Today, we celebrate the wonderful women who have done so much for us. We want to thank all our mother figures for all the love, support, and guidance they have given us throughout the years. Moms are the rock of the family. They take care of us when we are sick, cook us our favorite meals, and work hard to provide for us. We know it’s not easy and we appreciate all that they do. What would we ever do without moms? The long days wouldn’t be the same without love from our mothers.  

Moms are always there for us no matter what, and we can always count on them for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Our best friend, our confidant, and our teacher. They have taught us so much about life, love, and the importance of family. Go tell a mom, grandma or even aunt Thank you for being the glue that holds families together. Today is their day, so let them sit back, relax, and watch their favorite shows. 

Happy Mother’s Day!