Senior Sign Out


Genisus Reed, Sports Editor

Finding your place in a big group of people or finding your reason as to why you do things are difficult tasks. Here at Roseville High School, there are a variety of different people and several different clubs that students can get involved in to explore who they want themselves to be.

As the year comes to an end, the seniors will look back on the last four years and reminisce on events that made them the person they are today. Whether it was a personality change or a friend group swap, no one is leaving as the same person who walked through the doors in September of 2019.

With the incoming class of 2027 coming in the fall, seniors from this year’s class wish to give them advice to help them create the route they want to take in high school.

“One of the biggest things for underclassmen to know is to always make good connections with the staff at RHS. Be who you want to be, worry about yourself, and don’t care what people think,” senior Alexis Dean  said.

“Don’t become someone you’re not to please others,” senior Jason Siskowski said.

“Something that helped me find my way at RHS was having a friend group that pushed me out of my shell,” senior Jolena Szemyak said.

“A thing I lived by in high school was to not care what other people thought of me, because no matter how good you are to people, places, or things, you will always be a villain in another person’s story. Just try to find who you are and ignore those who pray on your downfall,” Zacarias Osorio (12) said.

“Pay attention to your GPA, you’ll regret it if you don’t,” senior Kimberly Morales said.

“Work as hard as you can and stay focused. Once you fall behind it is hard to get back on top of things,” senior Alana Allen said.

“I think some of the staff here is what helped me find my way at RHS, so make strong connections early on,” senior Thomas Owens said.

“Finding the right people to surround myself with really helped me find my way at RHS,” senior Logan Stanley said.

“Stay on top of your work, get involved and have fun. There are many opportunities to find something you haven’t tried before at RHS,” senior Paige Guinn said.

“Keep your circle small and your loved ones closer. Stay on top of everything for all four years,” senior Antionette Forlini said.

Don’t hold on to things that hurt you in the long run. There is a whole world out there to see, so use these next for years to make yourself the best possible version of yourself without having people around you that hold you down.