Symphonic Choir States 2023


Hunter Ruyle

On Tuesday April 25, the Symphonic Choir went to Rochester High School for the States Choral Festival. Schools all around Michigan perform at their District’s Choral Festival and each choir that gets the highest score of a 1 is invited to States to perform.  The Choir performed three songs, “Come to the Music”, “El Grillo”, and “The Pasture”. 

The nerves were high for the group before performing.  

States is the farthest our choir can go for judged and rated performances and to all of them it’s very important. “It felt nice, really good to be there,” Keeley Bogan said. 

Each judge grades the choir, and the ending score of all of the judge’s values combined gives the choir a number rating, 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest, needing a 71 to surpass the mark. “We could have done better. If I expected anything, it would be a low 1. I felt some people could have done better,“ Frederick Duhaylonsod said. The choir ended up getting a 69 out of 100 for their final score missing the mark of 71 by two points. “I expected a 1 but I was still proud of our choir,” Adrian Harris said. 

 Overall, the choir seemed disappointed with their result but held hope for a better score next year.