Working Together


Ronald Reeves, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, April 27 it was Take Your Child to Work Day. It is an international holiday, where parents bring their kids to work. It gives your children an opportunity to see what their parents do during a workday. Like some of the teachers, Jodi Teutsch and Kristie Nickel brought their kids.  “Today was the best day ever!” Sophia Teutsch said. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about different careers and industries. They get to see what their parents or guardians do for a living and learn about the skills and education required for different jobs. “It’s very different from my mother’s old school”-Melanie Nickel said. It is also a fun day for kids to spend time with their parent or guardian in a new environment. “I’m impressed how welcoming and considerate the students were to the children.” –  Teutsch said. They get to see their parent or guardian in a different light and learn more about their interests and passions.