College Decision Day 2023


Matt Skoczylas, Copy Chief

     Every year, at the beginning of May, a fun little day called “College Decision Day” happens. On this day, high school students around the world announce what college/university they are going to commit to for their post-high school education. The decisions range from community colleges to trade schools, to universities.

“I will be attending Eastern Michigan University in order to start the courses required to eventually earn my PhD in psychology. I am currently a dual enrollment student at Macomb Community College, so I will have some of my general education requirements out of the way before going to EMU,” senior Amayah Price said.

“I’m currently an early college student at Macomb Community College, and I finish the program and earn my associate degree next year in 2024. After MCC, I may attend a four-year college depending on the scholarships and other opportunities available. I either will continue down the business route, or I will enter the field of trades as opposed to traditional university. Overall, early college was a great experience. I felt I had a lot more creative freedom, and it helped me in a lot of areas, especially with preparing for my future,” senior Joshua Blansett said.

Even though the days, weeks, and even months leading up to this day may have been stressful for a lot of senior students, battling everything you want now with the things you know will be the smarter decision in the long run. College Decision Day, in the end, is a rewarding day. Being able to use all of the hard work you’ve put forward for the past 12 to 13 years and finally showcase it. Even though everyone’s route in the after-high school world differs greatly, this day comes as the end of one chapter to the beginning of another one.

No matter where you choose to go, or what you choose to do, your decision will always be the greatest one for yourself.