The Addams Family Experience


Devin Newsom, Staff Reporter

The musical was a fantastic learning experience, as well as a great experience as a whole. There were a lot of things I learned that I had not thought I would be able to do before. This musical allowed me and my cast mates to grow as vocalists and artists. Taking part in this project challenged all of us to see what we are capable of as well as push our limits. 

Ms. Meade pushed my castmates and me to trust ourselves and make our roles our own. Whether it was slamming a cup on the ground or saying “bye” like a valley girl as Wednesday Addams, we all felt we were able to shine our characters through.  

“Everybody was supportive, and I enjoyed the positive energy. Even when someone fumbled or messed up, the other cast members were the first people to tell you that the little mistakes were only going to help you for your next time around,” senior Paris Jones-Allen said,  

It was also quite exhilarating to see us go from practicing in a choir room to putting our musical on a well-put-together and huge set. I am so happy that I got to be a part of this marvelous musical especially because it is my last one. I am eager to see what the drama society will be able to pull out next year and I will be on the front row of the stage witnessing the greatness that comes from the drama society at RHS.