Spirit Day #4: Throwback Thursday


Matt Skoczylas, Copy Chief

       On Thursday, April 20, for the fourth day of spirit week, the theme was “Throwback Thursday.” Students and staff alike dressed up in the style of different decades, such as bright colors and headbands for the 80s, or graphic t-shirts and baggy jeans for the 90s.

“I thought the participation was nice. Seeing everybody come together and have fun with their style was awesome. My favorite part was when a group of boys at lunch not only dressed the part, but acted the part as well. They pulled out flip phones and attempted to speak in the way that many people in the 90s would. It was an exciting day,” sophomore Dionni John said.

The school spirit shined through, and many people in the building showed their creative side. Even with “Throwback Thursday” generally being a spirit day with high participation, the outfits never fail or fall short. So, continue to show your spirit as the week closes out!