Spirit Week Day 3- No Backpack Day


Alana Allen, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, April 19, the theme for spirit day was “Everything but a Backpack Day.” RHS showed their creative ways to carry school supplies. Grace Hull, Kendra Hinkle, and Augie Rivera were just some of the participants.

“It was great. People signed my guitar case, even though it was heavy,” senior Grace Hull said. Hull brought a colorful guitar case.

Junior Augie Rivera brought a green bucket. “It was cool. It’s fun to participate in spirit day,” Rivera said.

Senior Kendra Hinkle brought a bin. “It was tiring but fun because I go to participate in a spirit day,” Hinkle said.

From buckets to cereal boxes, there were a lot of intriguing ways students brought and handled their school supplies for the day!