Spring Spirit Day 1- Adam Sandler Day

Rhiley Canada, Staff Reporter

          Let us talk about people’s favorite actor, Adam Sandler, one of the funniest actor everyone knows. Many fan favorites include Happy Gilmore, Grown-Ups and Blended. Today was the day that we showed our love for Adam Sandler at RHS. Many students and staff participated in dressing up to reflect him and his iconic roles. Did you know he is currently in Detroit  at the little Caesars Arena for a performance on the same night? “Because it was such a popular thing in the fall, a lot of people enjoyed dressing up, it’s not something we often get to do.”  senior Mackenzie Hubbard said. In their own way, they celebrated Adam Sandler, every single person that dressed up like him knew a lot about his movies, which includes a total of  60 films? As a teenager, he was in BBYO, which is a popular Jewish youth group. He also was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 9, 1966.