A Basket in the Past


Dionni John, Staff Reporter

On Monday, March 27, the varsity girls’ basketball team went up against Roseville High School Alumni players. Since the varsity girls didn’t get to have their two last games or their senior night due to the poor weather we had received then. Andy Houghton, the head coach of the team, decided that it would be fun scrimmage against old graduates who were once on the girls varsity basketball team . Two students were the referee of the game, sophomore Mason Varacek and junior Gabe Johnson. “I had fun being the referee and would do it again, the best part for me were the parents in the stands. They were so funny,” Varacek said. The varsity team came close to a win but fell short, and the alumni team ended up beating them by 4 pts. The final score was 38-34. “It was so nice seeing my former teammates and playing against the team I once played with.” Trinity Brown said. One of many experiences the team wont forget.