Choir Students Make an Impact


Genisus Reed, Sports Editor

On Monday, March 6, students from RHS choir were honored at a school board meeting for their outstanding performances. Although a few days have passed since they were honored, we cannot seize to applaud their accomplishments. The following students received the award:

Alana Allen (12)

Kendall Cannon (12)

Frederick Duhaylonsod (12)

Julian Ford (12)

Amelia Griffin (11)

Adrian Harris (10)

Devin Newsom (12)

Paige Tomala (12)

“Receiving the award was really special because it felt like the community had eyes on the Choir department and what we do- they got to see that we work hard and it pays off. Singing and performing means everything to me, its my biggest passion in life, so it was really great to see that is passion of mine, as well as everyone else in the choir, is being conveyed and noticed,” Tomala said.

Today, Thursday, March 9, the students will be attending Roseville Middle School for All-City Choir. Congratulations to those who received the award! Keep shining!