Jazz Band travels to CMU


Matt Skoczylas, Copy Chief

On Feb. 10, the Jazz Band traveled to Central Michigan University for their yearly Jazz Festival. On this trip, the Jazz Band performed three pieces in front of judges, and later received a rating based on this singular performance. Multiple other schools performed for a rating as well, and the band was able to watch these other schools, along with professional jazz musicians. 

Roseville was fortunate enough to receive a third place rating for “Outstanding Band” out of thirteen other schools, along with junior Howard White winning third place for “Outstanding Solo.” 

“CMU Jazz weekend is always a fun tradition, and I’m happy I got to perform and spend time with my bandmates,” senior Nathan Donaldson said. 

Though the day was long, the band leaving the high school at seven a.m. and not returning until nine p.m. that evening, the hardwork and tiring weeks prior payed off. All of the jazz band members put their best foot forward, tried the hardest that they possibly could, and their efforts were showcased. The work, in the end, did not go unnoticed.