Roseville’s first Solo Ensemble

alana allen, staff

On Friday January14th Solo Ensemble for Roseville’s treble and symphonic choirs took place at Chippewa Valley High School. Oliver Loftis, Fred Duhaylonsod, Julian Ford, Jocelyn Cannon, Paige Tomala, Alana Allen, Chanel Christensen, Devin Newsom, LaNiz’a Bailey, ZZ Gulledge and the trio Paige Tomala, Amelia Griffin, and Adrian Harris, all had a score of 2 or higher and good comments.

“I felt good about the Solo Ensemble, I was a little nervous though.” Freshman LaNiz’a Bailey said. Bailey did not get a rating because it was her first time.

“It was different for me because had two performances, so I was nervous. My nervousness went away because I was with my friends in the trio.” Senior Paige Tomala said.  Tomala got a rating of one.

“I was nervous because it was my first one, and I really wanted to focus on my different language piece.” Senior Jocelyn Cannon said. Cannon got a one.

In the end everyone enjoyed themselves. They worked hard and it shows.