Lunch Food Favorites


Amayah Price, Copy Editor

Lunchtime is a time when people can enjoy their favorite foods and chat with people. People eat different things for lunch whether it’s at home, school, or a restaurant. In school, lunch is a place where students can come together and have a break from the long hours of study. Sometimes people like the school lunch while others do not.

Lunch preferences can come from someone’s culture, where they live, or where they enjoy eating. “My favorite lunch food is the calzones. I think they taste better than everything else.” Said Stephanie Olinger (9th). Others can bring their own lunch or snacks from home. “School lunch is not my favorite but, I like to bring leftover pizza or sandwiches from home.” Said Julia Fetty (12th).

Lunch is one of the important meals throughout the day so no matter what someone eats. People should still enjoy a meal whether it is by themselves or with friends and family.