Preparing for the semester finals


Kendra Hinkle, Staff Reporter

The semester is almost ending, meaning it will be time for final exams. The week of finals can be stressful, especially having to make sure that you pass. Here are some ways to prepare yourself for your final exams. 

One thing you should do is ask questions. Do not be scared to ask for help. Talk to a teacher, a classmate, or even your friends or family. Teachers are there to help you learn and achieve more. Your classmate or your friends/family could be knowledgeable in the material that you are learning. So, it is never bad to ask questions. It could also benefit both you and your friend or classmate by helping each other. “I feel prepared for my final exams, since my classes are going over it” senior Ramiyah Dean said. 

Another thing you can do is look back at any assignments or notes you have written throughout the quarter or semester. That would help tremendously with studying for your finals. Take more notes if that helps you to remember. Never study at the last minute, as it would make you stressed and frustrated. Instead, study early on, that way you have enough time for yourself. Lastly remember to stay hydrated, get enough rest, and always do your best.