Glass Onion Review

Mackenzie Hubbard, Managing Editor

Back in 2019 when Knives Out was released, I watched it with my family and we loved it. The characters were super complex and lovable and the plot and mystery were really compelling. Still to this day, I consider it one of my favorite movies.

When the trailer for Glass Onion came out, I was so excited to finally watch it. The movie was in theaters Nov. 23rd-29th but was released on Netflix on Dec. 23rd, which is when I watched it. Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet!

Glass Onion has an incredible cast. Huge names like Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, and Ethan Hawke appear in the movie and all have great chemistry together. The movie is filled with references to well-known celebrities which makes it very meta and really hilarious. 

The characters were all complex with their own motives and personalities. My personal favorite characters were Benoit Blanc, Claire, and Helen. Benoit Blanc is the returning detective from Knives Out and is a really funny character. Claire and Lionel’s dynamic together makes a really interesting pair and it’s really interesting to me. Helen’s entire character was a surprise twist and it was really interesting to me.

I really enjoyed Glass Onion! It had been a long time coming since Knives Out, and it was really entertaining. The movie is two hours and 19 minutes long, but it feels much shorter because of how fun the movie is. If you enjoy Clue or any murder mystery type movies, I highly recommend Glass Onion!