SZA New Album Review

Devin Newsom, Staff Reporter

It’s finally here! SZA has finally dropped her highly anticipated sophomore album. It has been 5 years since SZA dropped her legendary album “CTRL,” and fans could not be happier that she is finally back. The album is titled “S.O.S,” and has 23 tracks.

On this album, you can tell that SZA was trying to leave her comfort zone on some songs but also keep her SZA flair with her signature riffs, adlibs, tone, and harmonies. On other tracks, you can tell that she wanted to incorporate CTRL-like songs. SZA also brought some unfamiliar faces including Don Toliver and Phoebe Bridgers, but also brought back Travis Scott, who is a frequent guest on SZA’s projects.

     “I really liked it; I have a few favorites that have been on repeat.  It made me feel like I was going through a breakup even though I was not,” junior Dalyace Griggs said. 

     “I relate to SZA’s album, and I can’t get enough of it. It makes me feel ethereal and I feel like SZA and I are the same person,” senior Andalee White said.

 I recommend this album to everyone! This album really has a way of making you feel the emotion that SZA feels and that is beautiful.