Gifts to give during the holiday season

Amayah Price, Copy Editor

The holiday season is near, and Christmas is just around the corner. Sometimes figuring out what to give to friends or family can be a bit challenging. Here are some gift ideas for your next gift-giving exchange.

If you’re looking for an expensive gift, you can give them the new iPhone 14, some nice cologne, perfume, or clothes. For a cheap gift, you can craft something like a scarf for chilly days or a photo album that holds all their favorite memories. Gifts can be something quick and easy or a long and thoughtful process. Cheap clothing from TJMaxx, Shein, or Target can be an easy and affordable gift if you don’t have a lot of money. Gifts are meant to be meaningful and thoughtful no matter how much money they cost. A ten-dollar gift can mean way more to somebody than a $300 gift. So never worry about if spending a lot of money is better than spending less.