Smile Review 2022

Kendra Hinkle , Staff Reporter

On Sept. 30, the new movie Smile was released. I watched it with one of my friends a couple of weeks after it was released. The movie was not bad, and the plotline was quite interesting. I loved how they portrayed the fear of the therapist, who is also the main character. The scenes in the movie were horrifying, and I had to look away at some points. There were a lot of terrifying scenes, such as the car scene that made everyone in the theater jump. Smile was a mix of a psychological movie and a horror movie. It will really mess with your mind. 

Personally, I thought Smile had a great cast and the acting was good. The only thing I did not like about the movie was the ending, and how it ended so abruptly. Overall, the movie was good. If you like horror movies that have a dash of a psychological thriller with them, I would recommend the movie!