Photography Students Day at the Zoo


Andalee White, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 26, art teacher Fiona Rawson took her photography class to the Detroit Zoo. Rawson has been teaching art and photography for 26 years and has personally been doing photography since she was 16. “That’s a long time,” Rawson said with a chuckle.  

The reason Rawson planned the field trip was because her students got excited over a squirrel and were upset when they couldn’t snap a picture of the squirrel. “I felt that the field trip was due, so they could get exotic animals,” Rawson said.  

Rawson plans on scheduling at least one more field trip for this semester, and two in the next semester for her photography class. Before completing this class, and working with cameras on their own, Rawson is determined to make her students feel confident in using the cameras. “I would like to see my students have a good eye for composition and understand how to use a good digital camera,” Rawson said.