Tillson Street Decorations

Jillian Wayne, Staff Reporter

On Tillson street in Romeo, MI, Halloween decorations are plastered all around, free for the public to walk down and look at all through the month of October. “I liked the clown house because it was very detailed, I rate it a four out of five because it was really cold,” junior Bethany Leonard said. “The Hocus Pocus house was my favorite. I also recommend the walkthrough because it is a fun thing to do with family and friends,” sophomore Matilyn Schodowski said.

Another part of this attraction is the haunted house. “My favorite part was the knight that directed me to the haunted house at the opera,” sophomore Katlin Goodman-Pash said. If you follow the knight’s directions, you will find a haunted house set up in the Grays Opera House. To enter this attraction, it is $10 for adults and $5 for kids and students in cash. “I liked the haunted house. The actors did a good job,” sophomore Harmony Janson said. The haunted house is helped set up and acted by students in the Romeo schools, so go check it out!