Quizbowl Team


Hunter Ruyle, Staff Reporter

This Wednesday, Oct. 26, the Quizbowl team took on Utica Academy for International Studies (UAIS) and L’Anse Creuse. They fought well but did not come out on top. 

In the first game, they lost by around 400 points. “Round one went well, but the enemy team did have one good guy that knew everything.” senior Zack Osorio said. 

UAIS is commonly the hardest competition the club agrees on. “Overall, the team agreed they should work on focusing and literature.” senior Xavier Stefanides said. Against L’Anse Creuse, the team lost by ten points in a close defeat. 

“We outperformed to the best of our ability; they were quicker at some of the questions,” senior captain Jordan Hebert said. “In the end, the strongest points were movie-related questions,” Hebert said. They have another competition this upcoming Wednesday at Stevenson High School