New Staff: Kirk Duncan


Inika King, Staff Reporter

As we continue to enter the new school year, we still have another new staff member to introduce. Please give new assistant principal, Kirk Duncan, a warm welcome!

Let’s learn a little about Duncan. He has been in the field of education for 25 years. Thanks to his favorite kindergarten teacher, he was inspired to be a teacher, as she helped him realize that he enjoyed being in school. “I enjoyed working with teachers as well as working with students,” Duncan said.

Some fun facts about Duncan are that his favorite movie franchise is the Star Wars franchise. “When I saw them as a child, they blew my mind,” Duncan said. As for free time, he likes to do work around the house, spend time with his daughters, listen to music, and relax, if he can.

If you see Duncan in the halls, don’t be afraid to say hi and welcome him to the school!