Finishing Past Art Murals


Logan Stanley, Staff Reporter

Anyone who has spent any amount of time within the walls of the school has noticed the murals that are all around the building. The murals are an important part of the school atmosphere, and they also give the students that make them a permanent part of the school even long after they have left.  

However, there are a few murals that remain unfinished in both the main and smaller cafeterias due to the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted all of our normal activities and kept us physically out of our school for more than half a year. 

But now, art teacher Fiona Rawson and the art classes are going back to finish up the murals this year and next. 

“Many of the former students came back the following year as time permitted but were unable to finish the murals. This year my senior art seminar agreed to finish one of the murals before starting their own, and I will get the next year’s class to finish the other mural next year,” Rawson said. 

The art classes have been working hard, and they will continue to put in the effort to finish the murals.