Fall Activities

Ayden Laughhunn, Staff Reporter

Fall is finally here, the time of the year when there’s no chill. A woodsy aroma is in the air, the leaves are changing colors, the supermarket is packed with pumpkin spice-flavored products, and Halloween decorations are popping up everywhere. So, why not make the most of that perfect temperature and the festive spirit! Here are some fun activities you can try for the new and upcoming fall season.

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Haunted Houses are packed and full of people waiting to be spooked out this year. “The only thing that gets me hyped about the new and upcoming fall season would be the haunted houses, I am a big fan when it comes to horror, and I’d have to say that haunted houses are the only way to go this upcoming fall season,” junior Lenoard Humphyred said.   

Another thing that a lot of people enjoy are cider mills!  The cider mills are packed and filled with people waiting to buy some fresh delicious cider and donuts. “Fall is all about enjoying the nice weather and festive spirit, but who also doesn’t love fresh apple cider and delicious donuts? My all-time favorite activity to do in the fall is going to the cider mills, I love the smell of the fresh apple cider and donuts,” Science teacher Reed Stevens said. 

Yum! Apple cider and donuts sound yummy, but what about the fun movies you can watch during the fall season too?  New movies are coming to the theaters for the new fall season of 2023, the theaters will be filled and packed with people waiting to see the new movies coming to theaters.  

This fall is all about enjoying the nice weather and getting into that festive spirit, so enjoy these fun and unique fall activities for the new and upcoming season.