Juggling High School and College


Amayah Price, Copy Editor

High school is something that can be incredibly stressful, and juggling college at the same time can make it harder. Since Aug. 22, I have been taking a Principles of Sociology class at Macomb Community College. At first, it was simple because high school did not start its new year, so I was only attending college. However, once high school started, I realized things are not going to be as easy.

I leave for college right after a day at the high school and do not come back home until late at night. This can lead me to get incredibly stressed and frustrated. Some high schoolers juggle college and high school as well, so they can relate to how stressful it can get at times especially when a lot of things are due at once. One of the things that help me with my stress is taking time here and there for myself. Taking time to relax helps me refresh and keep on going and that is one of the reasons I can push myself to continue doing what I am doing.