Roseville Band Festival 2022


Julia Puckett, Staff Reporter

Ready, horns up! The RHS marching band attended MSBOA band festival on Oct. 11 at L’Anse Creuse North High School to receive a rating on their “Fame” show.  

The marching band received a number two rating at band festival. One being the best, and two still being good, though some improvements are suggested. “I’m proud of what we accomplished at festival,” senior Field Commander Kaylee Nagorny said.  

The marching band has been rehearsing two times a week to help and prepare for more competitions. “We are rehearsing and cleaning the drill and adding some moves to the drum feature,” band director Daniel Chesher said.  

The color guard has also been working hard to add some new choreography to the drum feature. “I feel good learning choreography in fifteen minutes,” sophomore Alexis Wolgast said.   

The marching band has been performing at the varsity football games, adding more and more to the show with each game. See the marching band on Oct. 22 to see them perform at the Brandon High School invitational!