Which Witch is Which? Spirit Week Day Three


Sha'Niya Thomas, Staff Reporter

It may seem like you were seeing doubles in the halls of RHS on Wednesday, October 5 because the third spirit day is ‘Which Witch is Which?” day, which is twin day. Twin day is for when students match outfits in order to look like twins. Not only can students participate, but staff and teachers as well.  

Restorative justice teacher, Crystie Hodakoski, dressed up to twin with varsity football coach, Vernard Snowden, by wearing a Roseville Panthers bomber jacket, football t-shirt, and black pants. Too cute! 

Senior Devin Newsom twinned with one of his friends, Andalee White. “It very simple and we both had the clothes for it. We were inspired by the same style we share, big baggy pants and t-shirts. We’re close friends.” 

Jacob Bambrick, long term sub and now part of the security team, enjoyed twining with Nicholas Fisk. “We texted and decided to twin with white shoes and a black vest. We wanted to look clean and crispy. For Halloween, we’re hoping to be Peter Parker and Miles Morales.” 

Twin day was a success! Both students and staff enjoyed participating in twin day, which really shows the school spirit in a positive way.