New Staff, Kristie Nickel and Jacob Bambrick


Ronald Reeves, Staff Reporter

One of our new staff members this year is Kristie Nickel.  Nickel is a new teacher in the science department, and she teaches biology.  She has twenty years of experience teaching high school, and believes that problem-solving, questioning, and class discussions are vital parts of any class. 

One thing about Nickel is that she loves anything Disney and she’s read the Harry Potter Series more time than she can count.  Nickel likes reading, playing with her kids, and garage sales. Her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.  “I just love the story,” Nickel said.

One of the reasons she chose this field is because she liked learning, and this was the only way to keep learning.  So far Nickel likes being at Roseville High School.  “Good, no complaints,” Nickel said.  


Roseville High School also has another new staff member this year,  Jacob Bambrick.  He works as security and is a long-term sub after working in the building since February this year.  He originally applied as a bus driver and got hired as a long sub.  He then decided to stay for the students. 

In his free time, Bambrick likes to make clothes and listen to music at different places.  He likes playing Pokémon Go and his favorite movie is Inception.  “It makes you think and it was crazy for its time,” Bambrick said.  This past Monday (September 26) was also his birthday. 

Some of you may remember him from last year when he took over as a long-term substitute for Sally Dodge.  While he was substituting, he was still a student like us, but a college student.  “Interestingly fun,” Bambrick said when asked about his experience here.  If you see either of these new teachers in the halls, say hello and welcome them to RHS!