New Staff, Nicholas Fisk and Amanda Sizemore


Andalee White, Copy Editor

You may have seen an unfamiliar face in the hallways.  His name is Nicholas Fisk.  Fisk has been working here for quite some time. He first started as a substitute teacher, and he is now Principal Kirk Duncan’s Clerical. He has been the school’s clerical for about nine months.  Before getting into the field of education, Fisk worked in business in Chicago.  He also worked in the supply chain moving goods around the globe.  “I made sure everyone was stocked up,” Fisk said.   

Fisk was not really liking his last job, so Theresa Kluge, Fisk’s aunt, inspired him to come work at Roseville as a substitute teacher.  Fisk enjoyed the environment and decided to become an active member of the Panther family.  

In his free time, Fisk likes to partake in activities like hanging out with friends, working out, rock climbing, sports bars, and he is even a part of an indoor volleyball league.  “I really enjoy The Shining– from the cinematography to the acting of Jack Nicholson,” Fisk said enthusiastically.  Fisk was born in October, so he loves scary movies and everything Halloween.  

So far, Fisk likes being in the education field. “I really enjoy it. I feel like I can connect with the kids because of my age,” Fisk said. He feels he is easy to talk to and can relate to the students. So, if you see Mr. Fisk in the hallways, take some time to say hello.  


Roseville High School has also received a new teacher in the math department, and her name is Amanda Sizemore.  Before coming to Roseville, Sizemore was teaching math at Mount Clemens High School for about six years.  The teachers Sizemore had growing up were her inspiration to get into teaching.  Sizemore’s favorite subject in school was math, so she decided to pursue teaching it.  “It’s something I think I’m actually good at,” Sizemore stated.  

Sizemore enjoys spending time outside, especially during the summer.  After careful consideration, Sizemore stated that Jack Reacher is her favorite movie.  “It has Tom Cruise in it, and I like the mystery,” Sizemore said.  

Sizemore is enjoying her time at Roseville, although it is quite an interesting experience for her.  Sizemore’s number one goal for Roseville students is to increase their enthusiasm for math.   Make sure to stop by Mrs. Sizemore’s class and give her a warm welcome.