Flight of the Families


Thomas Owens, Staff Reporter

Borders are up in the air as Florida, Texas, and other southern border states send migrants to upper states such as Massachusetts, New York, and Washington in a manner that critics call “inhumane” across the political theatre. Elizabeth Folcarelli, Chief Executive of the nonprofit “Martha’s Vineyard Community Services”, was wrapping up work when she saw 48 Venezuelans with luggage and backpacks approach her office. They carried red folders with brochures for her organization.

“They were told that they would have a job, and they would have housing,” Folcarelli said. She described the scramble for shelter as a “huge challenge.” Le Monde, a French news outlet spoke with the white house press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday. She said that federal officials were not told in advance by the republican governors who sent the migrants to Massachusetts and Washington. 

“We’re talking about children, we’re talking about families who were promised a home, promised a job, put on a bus and driven to a place that they do not know.” She has called the governors’ actions a “cruel, premeditated political stunt.” 

Whether this is a stunt is yet to be clear as the story is still ongoing. But it has been estimated that around 15,000 migrants consisting of people from Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, and Venezuela have been transported as of September 21st. Given the period, we can expect around 2,500 a day of migrant transportation with a possibility to hit Michigan, as it has been a regularly blue state over the past years. President Joe Biden has yet to comment on the situation. None of the nations of the migrants have announced anything either. It is certainly one of the more delicate incidents along the borders in recent years since 2016 when plans for “the wall” were put into the air during the Hillary-Trump election that November. What the border security will look like for the duration of these incidents is unclear, given the border states are the ones doing the migrant-sending.