Fun! At Senior Sunrise


Kendra Hinkle, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 23, the graduating class of 2023 got together at 7 a.m to watch the sunrise at the RHS football field. Every senior received a red balloon. After a countdown from ten, each senior let go of the balloons. “My favorite part of the sunrise was meeting up with my friends and letting go of the balloons,” senior BrieAnn Fry said.  

Senior class president, Devin Newson, gave a short speech before the countdown began. “I felt very bittersweet, and I am glad that the seniors got together since we will be leaving soon. I am glad it turned out the way I hoped to be,” Newsom said. 

More exciting things are to happen towards the end of the year for the Class of 23’, so make sure to stay tuned!