Lakiya Reese College Board Award

Matt Skoczylas, Copy Chief

Senior Lakiya Reese was granted the National African American Recognition Award (NAARA) for her astounding academic achievements on her PSAT 10, and SAT, as well as having excellent achievements in at least two or more AP classes offered.

“I don’t think I realized how big this award truly was, I am honored to have it. I feel proud of myself,” Reese said.

The National African American Recognition Award is one of four recognition programs offered by College Board. Each year, College Board identifies students that meet the eligibility for these awards and invites the students to apply for them. Sophomores and juniors can be eligible for these awards if they score in the top ten percent of PSAT 10 or SAT test-takers. They may also be eligible by receiving a score of three or better on two or more AP exams.

This national award is a huge deal to receive- if you see Lakiya in the hallways, make sure to congratulate her on everything she has accomplished!