Welcome Back RHS

Paige Guinn, Editor-in-Chief

As the new school year kicks off, students and staff are excited to finally have a normal year.  The school year started off with a few changes from last year, including a new phone policy, new bathroom pass systems and new staff in the building. 


In order for students to have the ability to make the most of their school year, administrators have established a new cell phone policy.  There has been a blue and yellow cell phone holder that has been installed on the white board in every classroom.  This cell phone holder provides students the opportunity to get their phone out of sight and into a safe place in order to get a better focus on their work in class. 


Another new policy staff has implemented is our new bathroom pass policy.  We now use SmartPass to manage bathroom passes.  Students that need to use the restroom will log into their computers and request a pass on the SmartPass website.  Teachers will be able to accept your pass through their account on SmartPass.  This new system will make it easier for both students and staff to manage bathroom usage in their classes. 


Lastly, we welcome new staff members and administrators to RHS.  Joining us this year will be math teacher Amanda Sizemore, special education teacher Lauren Koneczny, clerical staff member Nick Fisk, auto shop teacher Walter Filipack, choir director Aubrey Meade, Science teacher Kristy Nickel and assistant principal Kirk Duncan. 


While there are a few new changes this year, students are excited and ready to have a good school year.  The changes will be hard to get used to at first, especially for the returning students, but the new policies are in place to make sure that all the students can have a productive and great school year!