2022 Special Olympics


Grace Patterson, Sports Editor

As the school year starts to wrap up, many summertime events are taking place. On June 8, the Special Olympics took place. The cognitively impaired participates, as well as teacher volunteers. 

During second and third hour, they all traveled to the football field, where all of their games were set up. There were many fun events such as the softball throw, balance beam, 100m dash, and the marshmallow toss.  

All of the students were separated into groups and led by the varsity football players. Each group of payers were assigned a group of students to instruct how each of the games are played. 

Each of the participants were given a t-shirt as a souvenir to remember their day. 

As the school year is closing, there are tons of events that include a wide variety of participants. Jumping into summer break, students are making memories that will last a lifetime!