Officer Guswiler’s 2022 Retirement


Tyreia'na Simon-Garner, Staff reporter

Tom Guswiler is one of our resource officers. Previously, before he was assigned to Roseville High School and transferred in 2005, he served for Roseville’s Police Department as an officer over a span of 26 years and served his last seven years here at RHS. Gus has shown compassion for students and connected with those who were influenced by his wisdom and supportive manner while performing what he does well for his job.

“Gus has influenced me to help protect the school and to make sure that fellow students and my friends are safe,” freshmen Mason Voracek said. As every career comes to an end, Officer Guswiler will be retiring for class of 2022. Although, he plans to forever visit and keep in touch with the school. “Because of Gus’s leadership, he has inspired me to forever live life with no regrets as long as I’m productive,” junior Colin Frikken said.