American Summer Activities of 2022

Thomas Owens, Staff

“There’s one hundred and four days to summer vacation till school comes along just to end it. But the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it.” –Phineas & Ferb 


As the days grow longer, the nights shrink shorter, and the sun is getting warmer, summer makes its way to RHS. From coast-to-coast events and opportune spread around the globe. As some graduate, and some simply eager for the three-month vacation, we often find ourselves wondering “what are we going to do today?” With such thoughts in mind, we have compiled a list of activities ranging from sport to study and in-between.  lots of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes without further adieu here are some locations for you. 

1: Warren city fair, Warren, Michigan, June 15th seven o’clock 

To start close to home Warren is hosting a city fair at Halmch park “The Swift Brothers head back to Dan’s hometown for a night of music, carnival rides, and elephant ears!” A classic venue for summer ambience. The Ferris wheel spinning around, the hastily constructed coasters sailing along its track as you eat a corndog. Tentatively it is a simple starter at summer’s start friends and family all around for joy. 

2 Anthro-con, Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 30th—July 3rd 

Next brings us out of state but still close for a three-day weekend. During this time and the days leading to, the town is transformed into a vast display of Circe’s paradise. One café “Fernando’s Café” is even annually renamed “Furnando’s” for the duration of the event. In the actual convention art, music, dance, and shops fill the halls as well as patrons enjoying themselves and taking pictures followed by a parade during the event. Unique to get summer roaring into the mid-way point. 

  3 Motoamerica Superbike race, Laguna Seca Raceway, California, July 8th 

Something more exciting and grinding gears we have the Motoamerica Superbike race at 12Am. Though it is well into the night It is also well into the summer making sleeping for the next school day less worrying in the mind. The race is expected to have food and drink, though no track is officially out, the course should be planned in time for the spectacular display of Motocross. 

4 90’s house party, Promenade Park, Toledo, August 5th, 6:15Pm 

Now as summer sizzles down to its final chapter why not turn back its clock best you can with a 90’s celebration. The party will take place in Promenade Park at early dusk, featuring music and activities by the river. With it being august it is also nice to be close to home for all the back-to-school shopping or college you might have to do. The cool river breeze wafting by disappearing into the bliss of night. 

5 Camping, near Crooked Lake, Michigan 

Up to the northwest where the main road goes to gravel and atop a hill with a white and yellow house lays a small lake next to a forest. The starry night skies are still bustling as deer prowl around the area. This lake is a small venue good for camping and marshmallows. A couple of good bluegills and sun bass to catch as well if you got the patience, even caught a catfish once. Though more opinionative of the spot it is a nice getaway. 

We’ll only have one hundred and four days, maybe more, maybe less we are all just finding a good way to spend it.